Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episode 163: A cup of hot sugary mess

This episode, the Despicable Duo discussed the updating of all shows to podcast catchers, the Patreon update, the new “You haven’t Seen That?!” segment, where Raf is finally seeing a classic movie that he ultimately dislikes, and the Cat disagrees, announcing the show breaks on April 26 and May the 10th. Unicorn Frappucinos, Rafael discusses gaming, the new TellTale Guardians of the Galaxy game, consoles being reintroduced, and Dr Pepper Soda Fountain wishes!

Wanhtpy will also be experimenting with joining as part of their broadcast network. Check them out where they will be playing our current shows a few times during the week.

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Dave image used with permission, courtesy of @ThatFrakkingCat

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