Monday, May 2, 2016

Episode 121: What the fuck is a Snooki - Johnny goes to the Jersey Shore

Folks, you are in the for the best podcast of your lives right here. Can you believe the most entertaining and handsome guest to ever be on We Are Not Here To Please You is back? That’s right folks, it’s Johnny fucking Whitetrash from such podcasts as Available In ADHD, Beyond The Gimmick, and The Johnny Whitetrash Show… (all of these fine podcasts can be found by searching iTunes, Stitcher, and other major podcast services.) And how does Johnny Whitetrash get treated? The guys might as well have shit on his chest while sticking old dried pieces of clumped up kitty litter up his nose and screaming WE ARE NOT HERE TO PLEASE YOU MOTHERFUCKER! However, that’s not the part that hurt the most. The part that truly hurt was when Rafael infected Johnny with a satanic soul virus. I don’t know how he did it over Skype from Finland, but it happened goddamnit. My soul is still covered in snot and a black liquid I can’t identify. Enjoy the show.

Dave image used with permission, courtesy of @ThatFrakkingCat
Episode description written by @AvailableInADHD

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