Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Episode 120: they played Bohemian Rhapsody again

Let’s just be honest about this week’s episode. I did listen to it, that much I know for sure. I don’t remember anything about it though, other than it was the first part of a trilogy. This part takes place when Rafael was feeling the effects of strange mutated hyper virus. The kind of virus that infects your soul instead of your body. I think this virus is what the Christians would call the first sign of the apocalypse. How am I so familiar with this soul infection? The answer is simple. Rafael infected me with this satanic virus, but that’s a story for another day. Maybe next week. For now, sit back and enjoy the sounds of That Frakking Cat and a half dead Rafael. Like I said before, I don’t remember anything about this episode other than laughing out loud while I listened to it. Except for the part when they played Bohemian Rhapsody again. That part sucked.

Dave image used with permission, courtesy of @ThatFrakkingCat
Episode description written by @AvailableInADHD
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